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What Are The Most Popular Hanalei Kauai Hotels?

There are over 30 great Hanalei Kauai hotels that you can stay at and the truth is that absolutely each of them needs to be considered because of the fact that they are great. Your final choice will be based on personal reasons. Some people will choose the cheapest hotel while others might want to stay at one that is really close to a tourist attraction that they have to see. It is virtually impossible to recommend the best Hanalei Kauai hotels to stay at based on what you need. What we can do is present the most popular ones based on tourist feedback and impressions left on them.

1.       Hanalei Colony Resort

This is one of the Hanalei Kauai hotels that always seem to be in the top 5, no matter what site you look at. Tourists are really happy and the only thing that you might not appreciate is the price tag, which is a little bit more expensive than other options.

2.       Dilly Dally House (also known as LoLo Hale)

This hotel is 9 miles away from Hanalei but it does offer a tremendous honeymoon experience. It is basically a bed and breakfast inn and is more suitable for those that want a quiet and secluded environment to stay in.

3.       Inn Paradise

Inn Paradise is one of the great Hanalei Kauai hotels that are located in Kappa, just 9.1 miles away from Hanalei town. Here you get a chance to experience the spirit of the locals as you are close to them and you are basically getting to stay at what most consider being an amazing place.

4.       The Palmwood

This bed and breakfast is actually considered to be one of the best in Kauai. The serenity that is offered is high and so is the price tag. You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $475 for one night here.

5.       Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

This is basically a resort but one that has gathered mostly positive reviews ever since it was opened. Tourists that stayed here always say positive things and one of the great parts of staying is being offered luxury at an affordable price. The downside is that it is located in Princeville but only 4.5 miles away from Hanalei.

We are sure that you noticed the fact that these Hanalei Kauai hotels are actually located in other areas but this will not bother you since the distances between basically anything in Kauai are short. You can easily get from one location to the other and because of this we need to recommend that you seriously consider all options available.  Another option to consider is vacation rentals and home rentals.  On Oahu, see – http://turtlebayvacationrentals.com/.  For Maui, see – http://mauihouserentals.com/.

There are also other Hanalei Kauai Hotels that you might want to take into account and you should do just that. Picking a hotel is a highly personal thing and you need to look at customer reviews and you have to analyze the current offer of the hotel. The really good news is that all the hotels in the area are great.

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